The project was implemented in partnership with 6 communes: Diosig, Lugașu de Jos, Crasna, Vâlcele, Bățani and Atid. The creation and development of the social enterprises was coordinated by ABPR, Lead Partner in this project. The new enterprises were created to improve the labour market situation of the local Roma communities. Due to this project, we gained experience in a special field of business development, and what’s at least as important: thanks to the participants, we had the opportunity to look behind stereotypes and prejudices, and now we can say out of experience that Roma people were not born to be lazy.
The most important results of the project include: the creation of 6 social economy enterprises, 24 newly created jobs for members of the local Roma communities, as well as a social economy campaign that took us to Suseni, Sălacea, Satu Mare, Petrești, Boroșneu Mare and Vârșolț.The most important lesson of the project is that even the most serious social problems can be treated by applying the methods of social economy. We tried to convey this message though video portraits, posters, publications, stories of the project participants, presentation of the social enterprises, presentations held by social economy experts, interactive activities and art works.

Project code: POSDRU/168/6.1/S/143853