mindruralAs a project partner, ABPR tried to figure out how to provide professional training for the unemployed in Bihor County, enabling them at the same time to use the gained knowledge in their labour market integration. ABPR made no secret of its intention to form potential entrepreneurs and help them navigate through the maze-like world of startups, so that they could engage more boldly in the enhancing of the regional business sector.
Two hundred unemployed persons or subsistence farmers from the rural areas of Bihor County attended our training courses (agrotourism worker, tour guide, basics of entrepreneurship) and language courses (English for beginners and advanced, German for beginners). As a result of the consultancy, the participants prepared 40 marketing plans and 46 business plans, out of which 6 plans being awarded.

Website: www.mind-rural.ro
Project code: POSDRU/135/5.2/S/124779