kontakt-coworkingThe Coworking Office Oradea was opened in March 2014 within a cross-border cooperation project. Its purpose, besides providing office logistics for freelancers, for people working from home and for people transiting Oradea, in need of a place where they can work on their laptops, is to support and generate business development and creation. The office offers free consultancy in various fields: project proposal writing, renewable energy, business planning and marketing.
We have 12 workstations: 4 desks, 4 mobile “spots”, 4 places at the round table (meeting area).
The events organized or housed by the Coworking Office include:
– Business brainstorming
– Coder dojo
– Photography course

Website: www.coworkingoradea.ro
Project code: HURO/1101/175/2.1.1