ABPR and the Department of Sociology and Social Policy of the University of Debrecen (HU) implemented the project “Establishing economic development by exploring the entrepreneurial demands on professional competences and the offer of vocational training institutes” with the aim of increasing the economic competitiveness of the Ier Valley micro-region by formulating proposals on developing local enterprises and vocational training. The core activity of the project had as result a development study, which investigates the demands on employee competences at the level of companies with more than 5 employees, examines the training offer of the vocational training providers, and formulates recommendations on the possible and necessary directions of vocational training development and cooperation possibilities. The target group comprised training providers and SMEs from the target area.

Website: http://szoctanszek.unideb.hu/Flow/Home.html

Project codeHURO /0901/267/2.2.4