The Youth Entrepreneurship Support – YES project is a cross-border cooperation between one Romanian and one Hungarian association.
The project is implemented within the Interreg Romania-Hungary V-A programme’s Priority Axis 3, in the framework of Specific Objective 3.1 – Investment Priority 8/b („Supporting employment-friendly growth through the development of endogenous potential as part of a territorial strategy for specific areas, including the conversion of declining industrial regions and enhancement of accessibility to, and development of, specific natural and cultural resources”).

          The YES Education Programme aims for the achievement of the following four goals:

  • Teaching entrepreneurship skills to young people;
  • Providing opportunities to practice their newly gained knowledge in real life;
  • Offering mentorship from local entrepreneurs; and
  • Fostering peer networking – helping them to exchange ideas, innovate and continue to develop their entrepreneurial skills.
You can find out more on the website of the project.